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Welcome to our California Scottish Rite Foundation’s website, another step forward in improving communications between our Foundation and members or friends interested in the many services that we provide to families in California communities.

The California Scottish Rite Foundation has for years been a leader in offering treatment to children in communities across California with speech, language and literacy challenges. In the 14 Centers supported by the Foundation throughout the State, we serve approximately 550 children each month, with over 36,000 hours a year of therapy services and professional evaluation. The annual cost to our Foundation for these program services today is over $3,200,000.00, and these are provided on a “no fee for service” . Since 1958, the total Foundation support for our Center services exceeds $53,000,000.00.

Another major service of our Foundation is an exciting Student Aid Program of scholarship awards directed toward assisting our undergraduate and graduate students in California. These awards are given annually, with many of them being continuing awards until the student graduates. For the year ended June 30, 2012, awarded 95 scholarships totaling $157,000. Many hundreds of students have been helped with this Foundation program which has awarded over $4,750,000.00 since its inception.

These philanthropies, together with our Americanism Program, have been made possible by the faithful donations and bequests from all our members and friends throughout the Orient of California, and the future of our outstanding charity depends entirely upon that continued support.

It is important to look at the history of our Foundation’s achievements, but it is more important to plan ahead. Yes, we can and should listen to the past, but we must NOW speak to the future.

Cordially and Fraternally,

Frank Loui
President and Chairman of the Board